//White Winter Trip: Things to do in Himachal during Snowfall

White Winter Trip: Things to do in Himachal during Snowfall

Nestled in the western Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is a fascinating mountainous state that offers a myriad of vacation opportunities. The beauty of Himachal multiplies in winters due to snowfall in most of its towns.

The entire land transform into a white icy sheet that looks calming yet wonderful! People from various parts visit Himachal during this season to enjoy snowfall and play games with ice. Travellers who can visit Himachal during snowfall are lucky! Want to know why? Get your answers by reading about the amazing things to do in Himachal during snowfall:

1.Conquer the Snow Mountains with Skiing:

Many destinations of Himachal like Shimla, Manali and Kufri are perfect for skiing during snowfall. The thick ice covering the lofty mountains makes it the abode of adventure lovers in winters.

Wear your skiing gear and get ready to experience the thrill of seamlessly floating on the icy mountains! The trainers are there to make your skiing experience truly incredible.

2.Get Thrilled by Snowboarding:

Snowboarding is quite similar to skiing, but this can be best enjoyed by people who know how to do skiing. This is quite a newer sport and tourists are trying it in Himachal for an extra thrill!
In this activity, a board is attached to your feet by pushing which you can float on thick ice. The curves and cuts of mountainous paths add more fun into this sport! Worry not; you will be safe with the assistance of snowboarding guides.

3.Sledge Down the Slopes for Fun:

If you want to try some fun-filled yet simple snow sport, then sledging is best for you! Embrace the Santa Claus style as you sledge down the stunningly beautiful snow-covered slopes of Himachal.
Race with your friends or adore the panoramas to feel the fun of sledging. Hold your wooden sledge tightly during the ride as you don’t have reindeers like Santa to accompany you!

4.Enjoy the Bird’s Eye View of Snow with Gondola Ride:

If you are going to visit Himachal Pradesh with your family, then this could be the safest and best activity which you can try in Himachal. Cable car rides are very famous for admiring the aerial views of snow-clad cliffs and valleys.

There is a unique thrill in sliding down in your cable car from an amazing height. The clouds floating around your Gondola car and picturesque mountains make it a best visual treat which one can have in Himachal!

5.Explore the Snowy Mountains:

Apart from snow sports, you should spend some quality time with your loved ones among the snowy mountains of Himachal. Feel the snow and click lots of selfies there! And hey, don’t forget to make amazing boomerangs and slow-mo in the snow.

If you aren’t that much social, then make anything with snow like a snowman or a small house. Let your creativity flow! Indulge in snow fight and catch the snowflakes sprinkling down the sky for more fun!