//Koh Phi Phi – Nightlife

Koh Phi Phi – Nightlife

Nightlife in this part of Thailand is entertaining, vibrant and fun. The island of Koh Phi Phi is filled with vivacious clubs, pubs and bars that are easy to find due to their central location. The Ko Phi Phi resorts are also easily located because they rest along the beaches of this exquisite island.

The island of Koh Phi Phi is legendary for its bucket-fuelled, late night, action packed, noisy and fun nightlife. One of the best places to head off to for a night of fun on the beach is Tonsai Village. Located on the island, this village is filled with classic pubs such as Carlito’s. As one of the longest standing drinking establishments around, it has become famous for its Black Moon and Full Moon parties. You will have to go yourself to see what they are all about.

Another well-known place to enjoy a late night is Apache. It is an inside and outside nightclub that boasts a large sound system, tropical bikini parties, dance parties, body painting, free drinks for women, and some pretty hot DJs that will leave you spinning for the night. The club also offers patrons large screen televisions and pool tables. It may be a good idea to book a room in one of the Koh Phi Phi resorts instead of the nearby bungalows because Apache’s music can be heard well into the morning hours.

Loh Dalum is another great area of the island to enjoy festivities such as fire dancing shows. Most people who go to Loh Dalum come directly from the beaches, so visitors usually follow suit.