//Island Souvenir: Best Places to Shop on Andaman Island

Island Souvenir: Best Places to Shop on Andaman Island

Andaman is a beautiful island, a place far from the hectic city life, an ideal destination to keep your stress baggage aside and spend some time in solitude doing nothing, just sitting idle on the beach side or walk freely on the beach hand in hand with your partner, exploring various places, culture and the lifestyle of locals.

Shopping is always an essential part of the trip, the souvenir collected are the memory of your amazing time spend in a beautiful land which will always remind you of the good times. So, don’t forget to shop for souvenirs whenever you go exploring a new destination.
Also, every city has its own speciality, some are blessed with best clothe markets, some with best jewelleries, some with handicrafts, some with decorative items, some with spices, some with gadgets etc.

However, to buy expensive clothe and gadgets from Andaman is not wise decision because they are all imported from outside. The best things that you can buy from the lovely city are wooden decorative, cane handicrafts, coconut shell accessories made from sea shells or pearls, Nicobarese mats, lamps, beautiful bowls etc.

Aberdeen Bazaar

The most famous market or the main shopping centre in Port Blair where you will find wide variety of souvenirs, seashell products, pearl jewellery, even daily use items, fruits, vegetables and everything that this island has to offer is available in Aberdeen Bazaar.

It will satisfy your shopaholic self, if you love shopping you will never regret selecting Aberdeen Bazaar for your shopping spree. Also, it is one of the must place in Port Blair to spend an evening strolling, bargaining, shopping and meeting locals while taking home a memorable experience along with lots of souvenir for your family and friend. Don’t forget to check your negotiation skills.

MG Road

Just like every other city in India owns Mahatma Gandhi Road, abbreviated as MG road, Andaman also have one. It’s a shopping hub in Port Blair and the only city where you can find every type of shops with reasonable price which suits every budget including household as well as luxurious items, also the street markets in the Andamans offer a surplus of souvenirs. Along with the shops, it is also known for deluxe resorts, hotels, cafeterias and restaurants.

Sagarika Emporium

This emporium was established by Government of Andaman to showcase the artistic talentof the locals and provide them a platform to sale their products. They market exclusiveitems made of wood, bamboo, cane, seashells and jute including showpieces, sells apparels, mirrors, pearls, bags, utensils and other wooden items etc.

All the products are handmade and their uniqueness as well as quality makes them the perfect mementos to take back home as a remembrance of your vacation in the lovely city. While shopping, keep in mind that this shop is providing livelihood to many poor artists.

Queen Sea Shell Craft

Queen Sea Shell Craft has incredible seashell products in the store which attracts tourist and make them fall in love with this place. The remarkable bamboo cane crafts, lamps decorated with seashells, coconut shell lamps, beautiful funky accessories and bags made of shells are few of them. The pretty earrings, chains made of shells or beads are favourite among youths.

Andaman is full of talented artists, there’s hardly any beach in Andaman, where you will not find the stalls selling lovely shell-based products. These shell-based products are essence of Andaman, so it should not be missed the list of shopping, a perfect souvenir that will remind you of your most amazing time spent in Andaman.

Local Markets- For spices

Andaman is blessed with nature, so naturally grown herbs and spices made from them are world famous such as black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves are always in high demand.
These spices are widely used in Indian cooking and when you are in Andaman, you have an opportunity to get these fresh spices rich in flavour, colour as well as quality. Do get few of them to add the taste in your food, once you are back in your country. They are easily available in all local markets.

Anup Eco Arts

It’s an emporium that deals in eco-friendly products, famous for its innovative & good quality products in reasonable price. Coconut is not only used as a food choice in Andaman but also used in creation of various products as well. The talented artists are making incredible coconut carved art pieces, lamps and bowls in coconut shell and they are famous among travellers.

Shopping Centres and Beach Markets- For Sarongs and Hats

Sarongs and Hats are a must and most attractive thing you will find in shopping centres and beach markets. From a wide variety and range you can select and bargain to get the one that suits your budget, they are not very expensive. You can try these colourful sarongs and beachy hats while roaming around in Andaman. Especially for your dreamy beach vacation you can wear cool sarong and a lovely matching hat to get the perfect look.

Electric Plaza

As the name suggests, it is a market for electrical things. Maybe the last point you can plan for shopping in Andaman because these products are common and can be found anywhere. But if you have forgotten anything such as charger, power bank and need it immediately the market will be a real lifesaver for you.

Shopping in Andaman has its own charisma, a shopaholic’s paradise. Mall culture is not evolved here, so don’t expect to find a mall and enjoy the local street shopping. Apart from Aberdeen Bazaar and Sagarika Government Emporium, Goalghar, Junglighat, Prem Nagar and Delanipur also offer seashell, souvenir items and handicrafts.

There are many shopping centres and few government owned shopsto explore and get spoilt for choices.Don’t forget to keep some extra time for shopping when you are in Andaman, apart from dazzling views and soothing vibes, Andaman has lots of things to offer.