//How to Explore the Coastal Gem of Kerala in Monsoon

How to Explore the Coastal Gem of Kerala in Monsoon

Kerela has got pleasant climate, picturesque beaches, lush mountain ranges covered by green tea plantations, tranquil stretches of backwaters and a variety of wildlife. The enthralling martial art performances along with live classical and folk dances, the interesting spice garden tours, exotic cuisines and the most relaxing Ayurvedic massages and therapies carried out in the ancient traditional methods attract thousands of tourists from far and near.

The natural beauty and solitude that the various different points of interest offer attracts a huge number of tourists from all across the world. Also, these enigmatic lands of mist, ocean, classical art forms, the ancient

Indian system of medicine and Panchakarma, the rejuvenation therapy of Ayurveda, have set the stature of Kerala as a world recognized destination for honeymoon couples all round the year.

Monsoon – Fed Gushing Waterfalls

Kerala has various lovely waterfalls. There cascading waterfalls are usually at their glorious best in the monsoons when they fed by the continuous monsoon waters. Beholding the beauty of these naturally tumbling white foamy waters is an overwhelming experience.

Some waterfalls also form a small shallow lakeat the foot of the gorgeous fallsand has chilled waters generally. If you brave to approach the waterfalls and take a shower under the waters or swim in the lakes, it is another experience altogether. Soak in the surrounding beauty and continuous melody of the water falling from great heights.

Some of these waterfalls are widely acclaimed for their beauty and have been used as shooting locations for movies and advertisements. For example, Athirapally Falls was the filming location the famous Bollywood flick Guru.The best known waterfalls can be identified as AthirapallyWaterfalls, 47 kilometres from Thrissur and Vazhachal Waterfalls located not very far from Athirapally Waterfalls.

Both these waterfalls are about 80 kilometres from Kochi. Then there is the Thommankuth Waterfalls about 74 kilometres from Kochi, Thusharagiri near Kozhikode and Palaruvi situated close to Kollam. There is also the glamorous Soochipara Waterfalls and Sentinel Rock Waterfalls near Wayanad emerging out from the folds of Vellarimala mountain ranges.

Lush Green Monsoon Hills of Kerala

Mattupetty is an idyllic spot to enjoy the enigma of Kerala monsoons! This enchanting hill station is situated at a height of 1700 meters above sea level in the folds of Idukki hills.

The added attractions of this place are the dam and a beautiful reservoir lake.Munnar with its myriad shades of green, undulating tea-plantation coveredgreen hillslopes, fog and mist is joyful in monsoons.

The quiet and gorgeous hill station of Kerala, Thekkady, with an interesting wild life at Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary, boat cruise at Periyar Lake, elephant rides and more is scintillating at monsoons.

The calm comfort and peace of Vagamon or the scenic hill station of Ponmudi are equally attractive. Hill stations of Kerala call for a nice relaxing holiday.Leisurely walks around the cascading swollen waterfalls or gazing at mist-laden hill slopes from the comfort of resort or hotel as the blissful rain continues to pour are all unmatched elations.

Ayurvedic Treatment at Its Monsson Best

Kerala is widely known for its ayurvedic body massages and Ayurvedic treatment for various common ailments. Going by the ancient traditions of Ayurveda, the best time to indulge in Ayurveda is during the monsoons since the weather remains moist, cool and dust-free.
Monsoons help open up skin pores and improves the effects of therapy. There are plenty of good and authentic Ayurvedic treatment centres in Kerala.

Backwater Relaxation

The charming backwater rides of Kerala is one primary attraction of Kerala tourism. No monsoon vacation in Kerala can be complete without a house boat cruise down the infinite stretch of picturesque backwaters. Enjoy the floating pleasure of delicious local cuisines cooked on board, delicious fresh water fish cooked in local style and relax with plentiful bird watching and spotting other animals such as otters, turtles and crabs, kingfishers, terns and cormorants that throng the backwaters. Rains add to the freshness and greenery making the vacation perfect.

Monsoon Beaches

The beaches of Kerala have unending stretches of coconut palms. Green groves of coconut trees get greener in monsoons and the country sides come to life. Watch the local fishermen bringing in their catches.

Enjoy the flavours of freshly cooked, spicy sea fish dishes as you spend your monsoon vacation. Mararikulam is an attractivesmallvillage of Alleppey. Itoffers a beautiful beach to unwind, away from the busy world. The MarariBeach is naturallybeautiful and tranquil.This place is good fortrying Ayurvedic treatment.

Solitude and Less of Crowd

Fewer Tourists visit Kerala during monsoon as very few would love to brave the state rains while on a vacation. While in other times of the year, the tourist spots and all major attractions remain swarming with hundreds of curious and boisterous vacationers, monsoon will fetch you peaceful and solitary resting avenues in Kerala.

Enjoy the pristine beauty of Kerala without the kick of crowd. All major activities and cultural shows will offer great discounts and there would be less crowded. So have a peaceful vacation in God’s Own Country without the maddening rush of the peak tourist season.

Discounted Accommodation Rates of Monsoon Kerala

Monsoon is considered off season for vacation in Kerala. Who would want the day trips getting washed away by heavy rains? But rains will not deter the enthusiastic nature lovers who would want to behold the lush green fresh and washed face of monsoon in Kerala or those who would want to enjoy a relaxing vacation from the cottage or hotel they have booked and would not be pained by the joyful rainy showers pouring their hearts out.

Take advantage of the enormous discounts that tour and travel operators offer to attract tourists or the slashed rate of the hotels by almost half during the monsoons. You would even get slashed air fares and cost saving on the means of transportation being hired for transfers.