//Best Restaurants In Sikkim For Indulging In The True Local Flavors

Best Restaurants In Sikkim For Indulging In The True Local Flavors

Far away from the busy nestling life of the city and beauty untouched by technology is the holy land of Sikkim. The state is an amalgamation of culture, traditions, organic practices, and peaceful living. Anyone who books a tour package to Sikkim is sure to be overwhelmed by the peace and tranquility of the place while enjoying the stunning view from the mountains. The verdant valleys, greenery, freshness, and beauty of Sikkim is an undivided pleasure.

And to taste Sikkim truly, having a taste of the local flavors almost becomes essential. The restaurants in Sikkim are set up mostly by the locals to share the taste of their cuisine in the most authentic way possible. No sooner the food makes it to your tongue it bursts our flavors that have shaped the lives of people here. Here are some of the best restaurants in Sikkim for indulging in the true local flavors.

Taste of Tibet

Taste of Tibet is one of the most popular places of eatery in Gangtok, Sikkim. Being the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok enjoys a lot of attention and has flourished with a number of restaurants that are truly unique in their taste and servings. Taste of Tibet with its ambiance and welcoming aroma makes for a pleasant experience when it comes to indulging into the true flavors of the land. The cult classic momos with the fiery hot chili chutney are one of the bestselling dishes here with momos steamed to perfection. The restaurant offers a number of Tibetan food items that are common to the local houses here i.e. Thukpa, Shapale, Chicken Chili, Lamian, Thenthuk, etc.

9’ine native cuisine

With a homely ambiance and a comfortable seating area, the 9’ine native cuisine is a rather simple and laid back experience. The restaurant offers an authentic taste of the cuisine of Sikkim in a simplistic way. The dishes like pork, dimsums, soybean, soups, and chicken are popular here. The ecstatic taste of the dishes that fall into pocket-friendly prices makes it loved by the masses. When in Gangtok and looking for cheap but good food this is the place to be.


You cannot just visit a hill station and skip on the variety of tea offered at the height. Gangtok is one of the states where tea gardening is not a major activity but the people love tea as much as they love organic farming. And at Gangtalk you get to try the local tea brewed freshly for you to taste. Along with the tea and coffee, the restaurant serves some really drool worthy Tibetan dishes, sweets and savories that are great for sitting and enjoying the weather of Gangtok. It’s a café cum restaurant which can fit into your visits for breakfasts, snacks or lunch!


Thakali, the thali style meal in Tibetan style makes for a perfect lunch/dinner option. This one serving encapsulates all that one wants out of their experience of local cuisine in Sikkim. And, so the restaurant to has been named after the dish too. This dish is quite popular in the Thak-Khola Valley of Nepal and finds a place in homes of almost all locals in Sikkim. The convergence of flavors with the number of dishes that come together, you get to taste the rice, curries, curd, sweets, and savories in one meal. At M.G. Marg, Thakali is a must visit for a wholesome meal experience.

Tathagata Kitchen

When traveling to Ravangla for the beauty of the mighty structure of Lord Buddha, a halt at Tathagatha is a delirious experience. The whole restaurant is designed with Sikkimese furniture and colorful decorations that look nothing short of a local monastery or place of visit. The Tathagata kitchen is famous for its Sikkim style fried rice, thukpas, momos, and noodles. On a close distance to the Buddha Park, this restaurant also has a beautiful terrace set-up to soak in the view and sip on the Temi Tea. And with the right aura created around with regional music and beautiful artifacts, it’s a venue for complete relaxation.


This beautiful restaurant in the heart of Peiling is a cozy place to enjoy the beauty of the hills and unleash. The restaurant has been designed in a unique style wit surroundings that make for good evening time. The whole place is decorated with candles, colorful decorations and comes to life in the dark. The delicious Sikkimese dishes like taipoo, momos, thukpa, etc. There are also rice bowls and authentic style cuisines from Chinese and Indian cuisine for travelers to delve into.

Taste of Sikkim

Serving some unusually excellent momos and a variety of locally brewed drinks, Taste of Sikkim in Peiling is a perfect place to sit and enjoy the local flavors of the state while enjoying a relaxed state of mind. The Madeira-like Salo Wine is an absolute bestseller and is often paired with fried rice, dumplings, taipoo and fried dishes for an ecstatic experience. The restaurant has been designed with travel prints in black and white making it a comfortable space for the travelers to halt and hog on food.

Lachung Fast Food

For the vegetarians traveling to Lachung and Yumthang, The Lachung Fast Food is the brightest option to explore Sikkimese cuisine. With a menu that comprises of most of the local dishes and drinks, the place is a rather simple and pocket-friendly one. Dishes like stir-fried vegetables, Asian soups, vegetable dumplings, taipoo, and even thukpa are delirious to taste. Right beside the Lachung Dynasty Hotel, this beautiful restaurant serves the right portion, right taste, and the right experience at the right price. It’s a quick eat and moves space that offers you enigmatic taste to remember.

Sikkim is rich in its organic growth of fruits and vegetables. And more so the spices and way of cooking the food bring about all the difference in its cuisine. To have a good taste of the flavors of Sikkim, stop by at some truly legendary places that promise taste and experience together!