//4 Lesser Known Places to see during Your Thailand Holidays

4 Lesser Known Places to see during Your Thailand Holidays

Thailand is a very well-liked tourist destination. Among its various attractions include its beaches, nature, nightlife, adventure, and temples. While it’s normal for people to want to see everything, not everyone can fit all these places in their busy holidays to Thailand plans.

Thailand has lots of places to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you need to escape the crowd and get a real feel of the country, visit the following places while having your Thailand holidays.

Tarutao National Park

Situated in the country’s far south near Malaysia, Tarutao National Park is a marine sanctuary where its natural charm is still very much preserved. In the past, it’s been used as a penal colony for Thai political prisoners in the 1930s. Some fun things you can do here are wildlife watching, kayaking, and trekking.

Phu Ruea

In case you want to escape the heat Thailand is known for, go to Phu Ruea village. Located in Loei province in Northeast Thailand, the village is a little mountain resort town situated near a national park with a lot of stunning views and hiking trails. One of its points of interest is the Phu Ruea peak. The best view it offers is from a distinct Golden Buddha kept under a white canopy. The best time to visit is during non-holiday weekdays since campgrounds are less busy during these times.

Uttaradit Province

If you want to encounter Thai culture at its finest, have a look at Uttaradit province. In fact, finding a tour guide familiar with English could be a bit hard. Some noteworthy places in the province include Sirikit Dam and Reservoir (Thailand’s largest earthen dam), and the temple and garden-ringed historic village of Lab Lae. Nature lovers likewise have a place to look forward to: Sak Yai Forest Park houses many unsorted woods and the world’s largest teak tree.

Kanchanaburi Province

If you’re pressed for time and you need to be close to the city due to a tight itinerary, see Kanchanaburi Province. Once you have reached Kanchanaburi City, you may also see the World War II points of interest such as the River Kwai Bridge, the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, and the Death Railway, which are still must-see attractions because of the role they played in the province’s history. Other points of interest are the Tiger Temple and Mueang Sing historical park, which is home to two Khmer temples dating from the 13th and 14th centuries. It also gives plenty of eco-tourism options with its various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

There are many more areas you can visit to avoid the crowd during your holidays in Thailand. You just have to be more diligent in your research. Go online or you can ask family or friends who were there. Have fun with your Thailand holidays.

Patricia Owen is a tour operator who’s helped clients arrange their thailand holidays schedule. For additional information on what you can visit without having to deal with the biggest crowds, read up about holidays to thailand.