//Top 5 Reason to Opt for Android App Development for your Startup

Top 5 Reason to Opt for Android App Development for your Startup

Every start-up begins with an idea to make our lives better. Start-ups can solve those day to day problems, which we leave unnoticed. The foundation of start-ups lays on an innovative thought, almost 90% of them fail and shut their operations forever.

There may be myriad reasons behind such a high failure rate. However, one of the strong reasons is that start-ups do not invest in searching the right market for their products. Even if they do, they lack a powerful strategy for customer engagement. The increasing competition makes it difficult for them to gain consumer attention.

One of the more natural ways is to boost your consumer base by interacting with them via a mobile app. There are many leading mobile app development platforms – Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS. However, the pool of benefits that Android app development provides to the start-ups is more significant than any other platform.

Let’s have a look at the top Android development benefits:

1.Broad Customer Reach – As per a study by Statista, Android has a global market share of more than 87%. It means that Android is the most preferred mobile platform by users. If you want to connect with a broader set of audience for your product, Android app development is the perfect choice for your start-up.

2.Cost-effective – Budget is one of the most critical concerns for the start-ups. Being an open source platform, Android helps to overcome this concern through budget-friendly app development. Almost all the Android apps use Java, the most used programming language in the world for app development. Java’s popularity makes it easy for you to hire dedicated Java developers within your budget.

3.Scalable – Android development offers excellent customization options which help you to update your app and proliferate customer engagement. As Android is open-source, it helps your start-up to transform into a big firm. Android is one of those platforms which can handle both small and large consumer base hassle-free with its highly scalable framework.

4.Faster Time-to-market – faster you launch the app, more customers you attract. In this competitive market, it becomes challenging to stay ahead. Android helps you to develop your mobile app before your competitors can think about it. Also, after passing the first hurdle of agile app development, another challenge is to get app permissions for making your app live. Android apps on Google Play have better approval rates than iOS on App Store or any other platforms.

5.Better Accessibility – Apart from approaching your audience, it is also essential to remain accessible to them at every hour of the day. It is equally crucial for increasing your customer reach. The faster development and deployment enables an instantaneous connection with the target audience. It also lets your customers reach out to you for their queries and suggestions through the help center of your Android app.

Conclusion – Ever since its inception, Android is revolutionizing the way of building Android apps for businesses. Reduce the time-to-market, increase consumer engagementComputer Technology Articles, and improve the customer experience of your mobile app with cost-effective and efficient Android app development platform.