//What is Image Optimization and How Does it Boost SEO:

What is Image Optimization and How Does it Boost SEO:

Images are an essential part of any website. People interact, connect and understand better with the help of images rather than plain texts. Considering this, every company adds beautiful and relevant images into their websites.

But, these images increase the load on the website because of which its speed decreases. This can ruin the user experience of your website. However, there is a way through which you can add high-quality images without burdening your website; which is image optimization.

What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is a process of setting the size, format, dimensions and resolutions of your images in such a way that you can retain its quality as well as decrease its size. Image optimization can’t be the same for every image as a few images require resizing, while others require changing the format for being fully optimized. Image optimization is significant for making a website aesthetic, smooth and SEO friendly.

Now, let’s see how image optimization can affect and improve the SEO of your website:

How Image Optimization Boost SEO:

You will start optimizing your website images if you haven’t done it yet after reading its benefits for your overall SEO:

1.Boost Page Loading Speed:

The time taken by any page of your website to fully load is known as the page loading speed. This speed depends on many things like your website layout, design, fonts, host etc. If your website pages won’t load in approx. 3 seconds, then you will lose most of your users. However, you can increase your website speed by optimizing your images.

Images form the 64% of your website’s weight so; optimizing them would be helpful for reducing website weight; which will eventually boost its speed.

2.Improves SEO Ranking of your Website:

Having a fast loading website will improve your SEO rank. Google has already announced that website loading speed is an important ranking factor; which means that Google will give priority to fast loading websites in order to provide the best user experience. Nowadays, faster websites rank higher than slower ones. So, image optimization is good for your search engine ranking.

3.Reduce your Bounce Rates:

A high bounce rate can affect your rankings negatively, but you can control your bounce rate through image optimization. Better images will increase the loading speed; which in turn would reduce the bounce rates.
Users won’t leave your website immediately after opening it if its loading speed is good and it works smoothly. Good user experience also somehow contributes to motivating people to spend more time on a website. Thus, image optimization will result in low bounce rates.

4.Increase your Conversion Rate:

A good search engine ranking and a fast loading website will ultimately increase your conversion rate or profits. Users would love to engage and browse things on your site; which can result in buying products or ordering services. These people will return to your website again and again if they are satisfied with your website’s performance.