//Indulging in Sikkimese Flavour: Best Places to Eat in Sikkim

Indulging in Sikkimese Flavour: Best Places to Eat in Sikkim

The Local Café

Want to sip that perfect cup of coffee after a brilliant but tiring day of sightseeing all across Sikkim, a great place to be is The Local Café. A place to catch up a random cup of coffee or tea. The cakes served with tea and coffee are absolutely brilliant in taste.

Carrot and lemon cakes, brownies, doughnuts and a lot many more yummy recipes are served here. The restaurant is sparklingly clean and is also ideal for grabbing a quick snack in a hurry. The hot items such as spicy hot noodle soups and chicken barley soups are mouth-watering. The pleasure of catching a hot cuppa in the winter chill of a mountain state is delightful. The friendly staff make the visit all the more worthwhile with their polite hospitality.

Loafing Around

Experience a sheer gastronomic delight with a cappuccino and hazelnut latte, veg and non veg puffs and Margherita pizza, the highlights of the restaurant. Based in Gangtok, Sikkim, Loafing Around specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, frozen desserts, gelato and other delicious desserts and confectionary items.

The items are prepared fresh using high-quality ingredients to offer the best taste! The cakes and desserts apart from being delicious in taste are also aesthetically intensely appealing and hence arouses immediate appetite.

Bibliothequé Cafe, Sikkim

This café is a perfect blend of reading and eating. This is a one-of-its-kind food joint food joints that is based in the main market of MG Marg, Gangtok Sikkim. The walls and spaces inside the cafe are filled with books of various tastes and ages. It is a good thing that they have children’s books as well. This helps the parents to keep the children engaged during meals.

Also, the books help to make the dining experience of kids a learningexperience too.
Bibliothequé Cafe identifies Ramen, waffles and the periperi chicken wings as the best sellers for their outlet.

Café Live and Loud

This is the place to be if you love the playing of loud music accompanying your palatable dishes. Cafe Live Loud has completed more than 10 years and is one of the oldest Pubs in Gangtok. It is still very popular among all age groups. All types of food are available such as Indian, Chinese, continental along with local delicacies and you can smoke a hookah as well.

As far as entertainment options are concerned, Café Live and Loud offers throbbing live music on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. There are special DJ nights on Friday and Saturday. To cater to families, the Café Live and Loud has decks where they can enjoy their food in peace without being disturbed by the furore of activities and loud music.

The Coffee Shop

This queer café is a corner shop located on the famous and busy area of much frequented M.G. Marg in Gangtok. The Coffee Shop is immensely popular with tourists as well as locals. They serveabsolutely brilliant Italian delicacies, the restaurant is a must visit.

This restaurant is so popular that it is known for playing host to the well-known chef Sanjeev Kapoor when he visited the city. The café has a warm friendly ambience and the interiors are lined with wood panels, brick highlights and illuminated by soothing yellow lights. The hand-tossed pizzas, overloaded with cheese and the choicest of toppings are worth the try. The restaurant serves a wide range of beerand also various soft drinks. The food is lip-snacking delicious and you are bound to overeat.


Nimtho is a restaurant beautifully designed with adobe walls and a mock-up earthen stove. This restaurant serves Sikkimese food with a twist. The local thalis are simply delicious and even the à la carte menu items have modestly sized portions of traditional cuisines. Sikkim is known for being an organic state of the country and Nimtho continuously churns out organically rich traditional Sikkimese delicacies. The Nimthobrand implies all things organic and healthy.

Nimtho is spreading its wings and carving out a niche position in the north-eastern cuisine space. The chain of restaurants is operated and conceptualized by a biotechnologist-entrepreneur BinitaChamling.‘Nimtho’, as the name suggests,it means invitation in local language. And the restaurant spreads enough warmth and hospitality. The rich ambience of the restaurant appeals a lot to its guests.

Crumbs and Whips

Crumbs and Whips is located around 100 meters from the main market square on JorethangRoad, of Sikkim. This restaurant serves a variety of delicious pizzas, sandwiches, breads, shakes and coffee. Beer and breezers are also consumed readily with the food menu.

Staff professional and service is prompt. The choice of music being played is generally quite popular. This is an international style coffee house or a pizzeria. They offer some sumptuous burgers and barista-style coffee. Rates are not out-worldly high but can be said to bemoderately high.

Shuffle Momos

Shuffle Momos, as the name implies, serve some of the world’s best momos. Momos are extremely famous in Sikkim and Shuffle Momos is a restaurant that is dedicated to delivering and presenting the best momos in town. Apart from excelling in momos, they also lay a lot of emphasis on packaging. It produces the tastiest momos but also exceeds in other aspects,such as taste, packaging and more. It has created new benchmarks in presentation of food as well. So the restaurant provides a complete experience.

OsmRestro and Lounge

OsmRestro and Lounge is there to greet its customers with an awesome ambience, delicious food, groovy music and very prompt and polite services to make your dining experience really enjoyable. The entire crew of the restaurant remains attentive and on toes to give its guests the feel of exotic flavours and professional services. OsmRestro and Lounge makes your dining experience a celebration. This restaurant issituated at the heart of Gangtok on the famous and bustling MG Road area.