//Stepparent Adoption Clarified by Adoption Lawyers in Georgia

Stepparent Adoption Clarified by Adoption Lawyers in Georgia

It takes a very big heart to care for something that is not yours. It needs courage and determination to do so. At many times you can take care of things and pets that belong to someone else but it is really very hard to take full responsibility of a child that is not of your flesh and blood.

But there are people in this world who are willing to take up a child for adoption even if they are the stepparents. But this whole process is perplexing and requireshandling with extreme cautions.So the Adoption Lawyers in Georgia makes sure that all parties are clarified about each and every step of the process.

Benefits of Stepparent Adoption:

Many of the folks think that there are only disadvantages when it comes to stepparent adoption because a lot of misconception has been developed by wrongly depicting the role of the stepparents in movies, dramas and other media resources. But only a lawyer is the person who can tell you about the benefits of this type of adoption.

Same Rights of Stepparents:

The stepparents have all the legal rights just like the birth parents of the child.They have the right to take decisions on behalf of the child, sign the permission slips, providing medical care and all other crucial decisions. It is the duty of the stepparents to provide all kinds of security to the child in the case of divorce and the parents remarry.

All Children Identical Rights:

In different fictional stories, it has been read that the stepchildren are treated ill in the hands of step-siblings and they are deprived of all legal rights. But in reality,the stepchild (ren) has all legal rights as other biological children of the stepparents.

No Influence of the Birth Parents:

If the biological parents of the child have any type of mental psychological or behavioral problem that is a constant threat to the child; then the stepparents have a right to restrict the parents from meeting the child. But this restriction is until the birth parent has been cleared by the medical board.

Love and Devotion towards Stepchild:

When you are showing your love and devotion towards the stepchild; you are giving a clear message to the child and the spouse that you care for them. This will ensure that in the future the stepparent will do everything to protect not only the spouse but also the child.

The Process Clarified by Adoption Lawyers in Georgia:

It is the duty of all adoption lawyers and especially Tom Tebeauto explain to their clients the whole process of stepparent adoption. They are also obligated to help you in every step of the way. It is a very delicate matter for everyone who is involved so understanding it is the important factor to consider. So just follow the following steps and you will know what the process that lawyers explain is.

The Couple must clear some Aspect:

A stepparent adoption means that the child will have to part with one of the real parents. This can have severe psychological effects on the child as it causes emotional distress. One thing that the parents can do is start explaining to the child about the divorce or they seek help from a counselor who has the skills to handle these situations.

Understand the Georgia state law:

It is never wise to rush into any adoption and especially in stepparent adoption if you are not aware of the laws of the state. In this case knowledge of Georgia state law is crucial. Many people make a mistake of not recognizing the rules and regulations that are important to follow.
The Documents must be ready:

According to the lawyers you will be needing copies of the following legal documents in order to complete the stepparent adoption;

1..Birth certificate of the child.
2..Divorce document of the birth parents.
3..Marriage certificate of the stepparents.
4..Death certificate of the deceased parent.

Hire a Family Attorney:

This decision is all up to you that whether you want to file the petition yourself or you want to hire a lawyer who will represent you. But the petition that you file must be done yourself; once you have completed the written application submit it with the fees. There is no need to write separatepetitions if you want to adopt two or three stepchildren.

Consent of the Birth Parents:

It is important that you get the consent of the birth parents that they have given up the legal rights of their child and transferred to the stepparents. At many times the birth parents are not willing to give up the child and on other occasions, the biological parents are absent from the scene. You can ask your lawyer to help you with these two scenarios.When everything has been finalizedthe judge after checking all the legalities will hand over the stepparents the legal custody of the child.

Changing Info on Birth Certificate:

One last thing that you have to do according to Adoption Lawyers in Georgia is to change thename of the parents of the child on the birth certificate. In this way, it will be easier for you to update the medical and school records.