//When NRI’s Need To Hire Nri Legal Services India

When NRI’s Need To Hire Nri Legal Services India

As an NRI, you may look forward to a host of investment options in India. Not only do you need to research properly to learn more about the investment opportunities, but stay in touch with some of the reputed NRI legal services India to ensure that you have something to fall back upon when disputes arise related to the investments. One of the things that often create concern is the safest way to invest your money in this country. However, you have to determine the basic purpose of the investment before choosing a suitable option. Is it a fund option you are trying to create after retirement? Do you plan to utilize your savings properly to get the best ROI? Are you trying to boost your financial assets in this country or want your loved ones in the country to have good savings?

There are several options when it comes to foreign investment in India that are available for the non-resident Indians. Here are a few points you must explore.

Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate still continues to be one of the most prominent trends among the NRI’s. Those who have a house or property in India consider it as a prized possession. Not only is property investment considered profitable, but it provides you with emotional support and security. For the NRI’s considering a way to invest their money in this country should consider the prospects of real estate.

As there is no restriction on the number of properties you can acquire, you can buy commercial as well as residential properties. However, you cannot buy agricultural land, farmhouses, or plantations as they can only be inherited by an individual. Apart from this, you must also bear in mind the issues that can result in NRI property disputes, so that you are more aware of the steps you take. When it comes to the repatriation deals, you have to follow the guidelines of FEMA and hire legal support and service to help you to conduct the necessary paperwork.

Fixed deposits in the bank

This is another common investment that the NRI’s consider as they can open fixed deposits in any Indian bank that is authorized to deal with foreign exchange transactions. The term deposit can be started via NRE, NRO, and FCNR and the rates of interest offered by the banks are usually attractive. While the NRO account is used for managing the money earned by the NRI’s in India, the NRE account can be in the form of fixed, recurring, current, and savings deposits in the Indian currency. The NRI’s can also maintain bank account in international currency as it helps them to stay away from the fluctuations in the interest rates as far as FCNR deposit is concerned. The interest in FCNR account in not only repatriated fully, but is free from taxes.

Mutual funds

When it comes to mutual funds, it is another prominent form of investments in India for which an NRI must have NRE, NRO, or FCNR accounts in this country. The amount that you want to invest can be directly debited from the account and it is compulsory to provide a check in the Indian currency from any one of these accounts. Similarly, the redemption amount is directly credited to the bank account for mutual funds through a check in Indian currency. If you are investing from a bank in Delhi, make sure you stay in touch with the top NRI legal services Delhi to avoid disputes in matters related to tax obligations. As an NRI, you have to pay the same amount of tax similar to an Indian citizen and it is deducted in the form of TDS for the investments.

Government securities and bonds

The Indian government as well as the businesses require money to invest in diverse projects for expansion, and the purpose of issuing bonds is to borrow money. When you invest in bonds, you get a stake in the firm. The NRI’s can also invest in bonds and government securities to get a fixed amount in return. Moreover, when these investments are done through NRO or FCNR accounts, the return is repatriated to the foreign country in which the individual resides. Consulting the top lawyers in India is the best option for the NRI’s looking for varied investment opportunities in India.

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