//The Selfie Payment Mode

The Selfie Payment Mode

We have started enjoying the comforts of the technology to such a great extent that we cannot sustain ourselves without implementing it into our lives. However, the technology has become one of the most important as well as an integral part of our lifestyle. From mobile phones to televisions, everything is bound to the technology that makes our lives easier.

One such technology that has the capability to lure the people into being a part of something that is brilliant, smart and at the end of the day tech-oriented, is biometrics. Now in order to make the online payments sync well with two-factor authentication method, Mastercard has planned to launch an identity check approach to make the payments easier and convenient for the users all around the world.

The Magic of Mastercard

Mastercard, with its new technology, has also pitched in the idea for the banks worldwide in order to adapt to the new technology that requires the users face to be recognized in order to proceed with the payment. The biometrics technology is partially developed in Dublin but has the central role in the new process of making the payments online.

With the help of the biometrics technology, the banks would be able to track the verification identities that helps them keep the record of the valid payments made online whether in the form of bank transfer or through any other medium. The people would only be required to put their face in the front of mobile camera whilst they are trying to make a payment.

The Biometrics would do the Job

The biometrics technology would then do its work. It would identify the person and then further authenticate the payment of whatsoever amount. The technology has been developed in the Mastercards Labs that is situated in the Leopardstown and would now enable the users to verify their identify by using the facial recognition method as well as the fingerprint one.

There is one more thing that adds to the development of such technique that is a policy currently functional on general level in all of the banks. The Strong Customer Authentication method calls for a foolproof system that not only prevents any breach of the information but also assures the payment to be authentic and away from all the hassle of hacking and other ill-operations of the web.

The new system would now help the people and users all around the world to perform sped up transactions that will ultimately result in the reduction of the abandonment rate. Also, such enhanced method of making the online payment would reduce the risks of theft. The more the security parameters, the more hassle-free the payment would be.


Adapting the technology for the processes like online payments would increase the chances of the customers to experience no-fault based payments. Also, the people will get used to the technology and it would help them to implement it in their daily lives. After all, it’s the technology that we rely upon the most for the things we do and perform on daily basis.