//Struggles That Writers Go Through Every Other Day

Struggles That Writers Go Through Every Other Day

Writing appears to be an easy task for individuals working in other professions, according to most; all a writer does is make up stories; however, on the contrary, writing is anything but easy. If you are a writer, you will know the struggles that you go through each day. Being creative and coming up with original ideas all the time, is not easy.

This is the reason why most writers take help from a Ghostwriter for hire and work on collaborative projects. It makes the process of coming up with original write-ups and concepts easier. If a writer does not take external assistance for that matter then he or she will go through multiple troubles while composing their stories.

The type of hurdle that a writer encounters on a regular basis are mentioned for you to read.

  1. Insomnia takes over:

Not being able to sleep during the night is common for writers and almost every writer has had this experience. It is because of the fact that anytime past midnight is the prime time for creative people to pursue their craft. Therefore, a writer will go without sleep for many nights as he or she will be busy typing thoughts and ideas instead of sleeping.

2. Daydreaming, Dazed during the day:

This is the most frustrating part of being a creative thinker, every time during the when writers are busy doing something an idea pops up in their head and they are not able to write it down due to the fact that they are doing something important in that moment. 

Later when they sit to write it down the idea that had been there in their mind all this while just disappears. Recalling it becomes as difficult as solving a calculus problem.

3. High standards set by other writers:

Writers compare themselves to other writers multiple time during the day they think that they can never write a story that will be the next harry potter or hunger games. The feeling of not being good enough is difficult to deal with at times. At times repetitive thoughts of the sort can become a cause of depression.

4. The financial burdens and the struggles to get by:

Being a writer is not a lazy job, each year a writer has to come up with an idea that is good enough to be written and to be sold. Every year a writer has to write over three hundred pages.

5. All the unique ideas seem to be taken:

There is so much that is presented for people over the internet, there are so many stories, which have already been written. All the original ideas that a writer thinks of at times are taken and someone already has stories written over that one subject that you wanted to write about.

6. The “omg! Same”—people trying to relate:

The most difficult thing is to deal with people who try to relate to your struggle. Especially when they do not know the struggle that, a writer has to go through. Writing a book and then making sure that its sales are not that easy of a job.

7. The unpleasant competition:

Competing against other writers is frustrating. Writers cannot compete against each other.  Every writer has a different writing style and it cannot be compared or kept in the same category.

8. Dealing with criticism:

Writers mostly do not like people criticizing their work, think of a proficient artist who makes a masterpiece and an amateur criticizes it. It is just like that, writing is a writer’s fort, it is their skill and they work on perfecting it. That makes them an expert in their field so they know what they are doing.  

9. Maintaining balance between personal and professional life:

A writer’s life revolves around writing mostly. If you ever meat a writer they will talk to you about the projects that they are working on. Usually, writers do not spend time outside. They like to stay in and focus on their work and in the process, they end up neglecting people close to them.  

10. The Writer’s Block:

Many people have heard about a writer’s block but only a writer know the type of a nightmare it truly is, only they can give people insight regarding the struggle that they go through. A writer’s block is not just about not being able to write it stops people from thinking at all. It strips them off all imaginative and creative skills.