//How to Organise/Decorate Your Work Desk for More Productivity?

How to Organise/Decorate Your Work Desk for More Productivity?

Being an employee, you can understand the importance of your office desk as it is your home away from home. Yes, you spend quite a similar number of hours at your office desk and your bedroom; which means that your office desk is also your personal space that you should decorate.

Well-organised and decorated office desk infuse positivity into your professional life and affect your productivity by making you happy! You should organise and personalise it, but by adhering to your workplace rules. Here are a few easy tricks to organise/decorate your office desk:

1.Add Creative Calendar:

Ditch your boring method of keeping notes on mobile calendars and be creative. Manual calendars are always better and noting things on them is unique fun. You can take ideas from famous DIY channels.

Otherwise, you can choose a design of your own choice for creating your calendar. Add funny remarks, upcoming events, holidays and everything important on it. Ensure your personal calendar contain one special task to look forward to each day.

2.Keep Updating your Bulletin Board:

Usually, every employee has a small bulletin board in their cubicle. They become too busy that they forget to update these boards and keep pinning new papers without removing earlier ones.
You can even notice the same old photos on the personal boards of employees will they never think of changing. Removing the old and useless notes is necessary to make a place for new ones and remove clutter. Updating the personal photos and quotes will give you a change and renewed energy. So, do it often.

3.Place a Plant:

If your desk is spacious enough, then you should consider adding one real or artificial plant on it. Plants provide a very soothing feeling to our mind and eyes. Even the artificial ones are good enough for our mental health.

Go for an original plant if you can take out time for its care. Nowadays, low-maintenance plants are available for office desks such as cactus, peace lily or spider plants. All they need is 5-10 minutes of your daily schedule in return of their numerous benefits!

4.Add Some Personal Items:

The best way to feel comfortable in your workplace is to make it look like your personal place. A place with which you are attached and contains certain items of your personal interest.
You will feel happy while going to the office every morning instead of dragging your feet by following this strategy. You can bring a few personal things that are allowed at your workplace such as your personal mug, a few personal photographs, any small personal table piece or pen stand.

5.Use Colourful Stationery Items:

Spice up your boring office life by adding stationery items of your favourite colours on your desk. A colourful atmosphere will keep your refreshed and productive. From pencils to paper clips, choose every stationary item of your choice.
Vibrant sticky notes, glittery gum, colourful stapler and pens, everything will make your surroundings lively!